Major Reports
2021 Australian Infrastructure Investment Report
Major Report | 3 August 2021

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia and Allens have partnered to jointly present the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Investment Report.

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2020-21 Australian Infrastructure Budget Monitor
Major Report | 20 December 2020

The 2020-21 Budgets delivered by Australia’s Federal, State and Territory Governments have been perhaps the most important in living memory.

Funding and Investment
Australian Travel Time Metric 2020 Edition
Major Report | 22 July 2020

In our latest Australian Travel Time Metric, developed using Uber’s anonymised ride share data, we see that peak travel times across Australia’s four largest cities have not increased over the past four years. This is despite populations and demand for the roads in these cities growing substantially over this time. 

Transport | Funding and Investment
Putting waste to work: Developing a role for Energy from Waste
Major Report | 16 June 2020

Australian governments have a major opportunity to avoid a looming waste crisis and embrace energy recovery as a way of managing our waste and creating baseload power in the process.

Energy from Waste has been used for decades around the world to divert non-recyclable waste from landfill, reduce emissions, and produce energy, yet Australia has been slow off the mark in harnessing a role for technology. A lack of scale, social licence and impetus for change has meant that Energy from Waste and other forms of advanced waste processing have been underutilised in Australia.

The report outlines a series of key recommendations required to support the roll out of energy recovery facilities and unlock close to $14 billion in private investment by 2030.

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Building Trust: Social Licence for Infrastructure
Major Report | 1 June 2020

This report, developed in partnership with L.E.K. Consulting, explores the increasing relevance of social licence across businesses, governments, and institutions. It provides insights into the unique social licence challenges facing the infrastructure sector and outlines a series of key principles that should underpin how infrastructure organisations develop and manage their social licence.

The report highlights that where governments and businesses have adequately developed and maintained their social licence, and earned the trust of the community, they are able to deliver assets and services in a streamlined manner. Good business practices allow organisations to attract and retain customers and provide a robust foundation to garner support from communities for future projects.


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Social Infrastructure PPPs
Major Report | 1 April 2020

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia has released an independent research report investigating the operating performance of social infrastructure Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Australia and New Zealand.

The research report, commissioned by Infrastructure Partnerships Australia and completed by the University of Melbourne, demonstrates that PPPs are delivering substantial benefits to providers and users of schools, hospitals, prisons, and other types of social infrastructure.

Social Infrastructure
Road User Charging for Electric Vehicles
Major Report | 21 November 2019

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia is calling for a road user charge on electric vehicles. Applying a simple distance-based charge to electric vehicles will ensure every motorist makes a fair and sustainable contribution to the use of the roads.

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Australian Infrastructure Investment Report 2019
Major Report | 15 November 2019

Our report provides a comprehensive annual view of investor appetite and sentiment. It reveals insights into the drivers and challenges for infrastructure investors, which include sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, fund managers, banks and other infrastructure professionals.

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Australian Infrastructure Budget Monitor 2019-20
Major Report | 8 November 2019

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia’s Australian Infrastructure Budget Monitor measures infrastructure funding commitments by jurisdictions for the current budget year and forward estimates (FY2019-20 to FY2022-23). This report collates information from the latest budget papers from federal, state and territory governments to provide insights into their infrastructure investment programs beyond the headline figures.

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2019 International Airfreight Indicator
Major Report | 15 March 2019

In a national first, the Infrastructure Partnerships Australia and BIS Oxford Economics’ International  Airfreight Indicator shines a light on one of the most important components of Australia’s international freight task. By knowing at the granular level the nature of Australia’s inbound and outbound airfreight, we can begin to understand and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an increasingly important part of the supply chain.

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Australian Infrastructure Metric – September 2018
Major Report | 17 January 2019

The September 2018 quarter of the Australian Infrastructure Metric – produced by Infrastructure Partnerships Australia and BIS Oxford Economics – sees total civil work won increase compared to the June quarter, as transport work won increased significantly.

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Australian Infrastructure Investment Report 2018
Major Report | 24 October 2018

The 2018 Australian Infrastructure Investment Report shows that Australia is still the destination of choice for infrastructure investors, but our hard-won reputation is under material threat. Our research reveals that both international and local investors are alarmed by increasing market intervention, abrupt and recurring regulatory reviews, as well as frequent changes in Australia’s political landscape. Confidence and preparedness to invest in energy assets has taken a hit this year, reflecting the high degree of uncertainty about the direction of our national energy policy.

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