Partnerships 2023
Partnerships connects some of the nation’s leading business, policy and political decision makers with Infrastructure Partnerships Australia’s CEO level membership ensuring high quality debate through keynotes, panel sessions and interviews.
Budget Hub 2023
Find all you need to know about the latest Budget papers from Federal, State and Territory Governments. We provide insights into their infrastructure investment programs beyond the headline figures.
National Infrastructure Awards 2023
The National Infrastructure Awards recognise and celebrate excellence in project delivery and individual achievement across the infrastructure sector.
Infrastructure Election Monitor NSW - Red Book
The NSW Labor Party, led by Premier Chris Minns, is projected to form majority Government after the NSW Election over the weekend.
Remote communities: Improving access to essential services
This report sets out an ambitious reform agenda to transform infrastructure service delivery in remote communities across water, energy and telecommunications.
Victorian Infrastructure Red Book
Read the infrastructure commitments made by the re-elected Andrews Government.
Australian Infrastructure Budget Monitor 2022-23
The 2022-23 Budgets delivered by Australia's Federal, State and Territory Governments increase infrastructure expenditure once again.
Australian Infrastructure Investment Report 2022
The 2022 Australian Infrastructure Investment Report marks the seventh edition of this research and remains the most comprehensive sector-wide analysis of the trends, issues and opportunities facing current and prospective investors in Australian infrastructure.
Decarbonising construction: Putting carbon in the business case
This report proposes that an embedded carbon ‘base case’ should be included in all business cases for large infrastructure projects.
Decarbonising Infrastructure
New report setting out the policy actions all governments and industry need to take to decarbonise Australia’s infrastructure sector.
Australian and New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline
ANZIP is your one-stop-shop for information on the infrastructure pipeline in Australia and New Zealand.
What is your favourite type of infrastructure?
Adrian and Janice turn the spotlight back on themselves and discuss what their favourite piece of infrastructure is.
Policy and Research
Leading reform through rigorous, independent, and future-focused policy and research.
About us
Industry think tank and an executive member network, providing research focused on excellence in social and economic infrastructure.
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A platform of infrastructure data storytelling – made interactive. Find the most relevant infrastructure trends and analysis published in our weekly Infrastructure Reports, monthly Pipeline Reports and major policy and research reports. Explore our interactive features & customise the analysis.

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We are the intelligence unit for Australia’s infrastructure market and we are dedicated to in-depth research and policy analysis. We harness the sector’s experience and our internal capabilities to develop meaningful solutions to transport, utilities and social service challenges.

Recent reports
Remote communities: Improving access to essential services
2021-22 Australian Infrastructure Budget Monitor
Australian Infrastructure Budget Monitor 2022-23
Our Capabilities

Find out more about our policy and research programme and our sector-specific expert taskforces; see our media commentary on infrastructure; and find details and proceedings from our major events, like the National Infrastructure Awards. 

Australia & New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline

The Australia & New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline (ANZIP) provides a detailed picture of upcoming infrastructure investment and major construction activity. ANZIP is a joint initiative between the Australian & New Zealand Governments and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia. 

Our Board & Leadership

The National Advisory Board is drawn from the most senior levels of the public and business sectors. It provides high level advice that shapes our research and informs our advocacy within Australia's infrastructure policy debate.