Policy Taskforces

Mobility Taskforce

The Mobility Taskforce provides a forum for Infrastructure Partnerships Australia’s passenger transport policy agenda. It features a strong focus on reforms that enable efficient transport markets, and improvements in user-focused service delivery through innovation and technology. The Taskforce explores transport’s role in solving broader policy challenges, such as managing population growth, unlocking new sources of productivity, and developing connected places that enhance Australians’ quality of life. The Taskforce also examines issues in funding new passenger transport capacity, project appraisal methodologies, and improving the environmental sustainability of transport infrastructure.

The Mobility Taskforce has been split from the previous Transport Taskforce to enable greater focus on passenger transport issues.


Freight Taskforce

The Freight Taskforce helps to develop Infrastructure Partnerships Australia’s freight transport policy agenda by exploring the most pressing issues facing national and international freight networks and supply chains, intermodal facilities, ports and airports. The Taskforce seeks to provide greater clarity to members across a range of freight-related challenges, including urban encroachment, supply chain efficiency, conflicts with passenger networks, data availability, freight market and heavy vehicle charging reforms. The Taskforce also examines freight infrastructure within strategic, long-term urban and regional planning frameworks, with a view to ensuring Australia can continue to meet its freight networks as the economy grows and changes.

The Freight Taskforce has been split from the previous Transport Taskforce to enable greater focus on freight transport issues.


Energy Taskforce

The Energy Taskforce drives Infrastructure Partnerships Australia’s energy policy agenda. It explores the challenges and opportunities arising from changes in demand across Australia’s domestic energy market, including the need to accommodate new approaches to energy generation. The Taskforce continues to advocate for the next wave of reform in the energy sector, with a focus on efficiently managing the sector’s transition to a lower carbon future. The Taskforce seeks to cut through the complexity and opacity of energy policy debate to provide members with insights from respected industry participants and broader perspectives on the future of Australia’s energy mix.


Water Taskforce

The Water Taskforce examines the key challenges and required reforms to ensure a secure, sustainable and efficient water sector. There is a key emphasis on structural urban water reform, and water’s place within broader planning processes. In particular, the Taskforce considers opportunities for greater private sector engagement in delivering innovative and value-for-money solutions that better position the sector to meet future risk and demand pressures. Taskforce members have the opportunity to share information and provide input to decision makers.


Taxation Taskforce

The Taxation Taskforce continually engages with policy and law makers on the implementation and impact of taxation reforms as they affect infrastructure project development, financing and investment. The taskforce is committed to proposing practical solutions to overcoming tax impediments and disincentives that discourage investment in Australian infrastructure projects. Recent work of the Taskforce has included working with policymakers on issues related to stapled structures, Managed Investment Trusts, Collective Investment Vehicles, and negative control.


Social Infrastructure & Services Taskforce

The Social Infrastructure & Services Taskforce is committed to promoting best practice in the procurement and delivery of social infrastructure projects and the reform of infrastructure-based services across education, health, justice and public housing. The Taskforce is committed to encouraging innovation and efficiency to enable high-quality services and value-for-money outcomes for communities and governments. Much of the social infrastructure pipeline is often less visible than other sectors, so the taskforce provides much needed insight to the membership about upcoming projects, opportunities and governments’ reform agendas in public services.




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