Building Trust: Social License For Infrastructure

Building Trust: Social License for Infrastructure

This report, developed in partnership with L.E.K. Consulting, explores the increasing relevance of social licence across businesses, governments, and institutions. It provides insights into the unique social licence challenges facing the infrastructure sector and outlines a series of key principles that should underpin how infrastructure organisations develop and manage their social licence.

The report highlights that where governments and businesses have adequately developed and maintained their social licence, and earned the trust of the community, they are able to deliver assets and services in a streamlined manner. Good business practices allow organisations to attract and retain customers and provide a robust foundation to garner support from communities for future projects.

Key principals for developing social license in the infrastructure sector

The paper outlines a number of key principles that should underpin how infrastructure organisations develop and manage their social licence. These principles are further explained in section 5 of the paper.


Make social licence a key consideration for every infrastructure project at every stage

Implement an effective governance structure for managing social licence

Embed social licence considerations into all decision-making and processes



Deploy active and tailored engagement to gain the trust of communities


Ensure the benefits of a project are clearly and frequently communicated to the public

Improve the experience of infrastructure users


Establish methods for monitoring and evaluating social licence

Work directly with consumer advocates and community groups

Evolve the approach to keep up with shifting community expectations



Watch Adrian Dwyer and Janice Lee discuss the findings of the report


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