Budget season 20-21


At Infrastructure Partnerships Australia we want to help you navigate the details delivered in the 2020-21 Federal and state Budgets. Prepared by our in-house team of policy specialists, our detailed analysis covers all the major announcements.


06 October 2020


Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg handed down one of the most important Budgets of the modern era, laying out a plan to support Australia’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Infrastructure will play a major role in this recovery, with a dramatic increase in investment – particularly in land transport infrastructure – set to underpin stimulus efforts.

These record levels of spending will be enabled by historically high levels of borrowing, with a deficit of $213.7 billion projected for FY2020-21, and net debt to reach a staggering $966 billion in FY2023-2024. This is a stark shift in fiscal position since the Morrison Government’s last Budget in April 2019, which projected a surplus for FY2019-20.

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Source: Infrastructure Partnerships Australia


WA BUDGET 2020-21
09 October 2020


The Government of Western Australian handed down its delayed 2020-21 Budget. Much of the Budget is centred on the WA Recovery Plan – announced over recent months – which outlines the government’s stimulus efforts in response to COVID-19.

There are few major infrastructure announcements in this year’s Budget, but continued investment in METRONET projects headlines spending over the forward estimates. $1.9 billion in new funding allocated for the program in this Budget brings the total spend on METRONET projects to $5.7 billion over the next four years.

See analysis of WA infrastructure spending in the 2020-21 Budget illustrated below. 


WA Government spending on infrastructure (LHS) as a proportion of General Government Expenditure (RHS)

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Source: Infrastructure Partnerships Australia 



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